Why a Wood Fencing May Be Right for Your Home

Wood Fence

Wood Fencing is popular for homes because it’s efficient for the home owners’ needs, stylish to blend in with the home and its surroundings, and a sustainable green option.  There are many options for different kinds of fencing material. Aluminum, PVC, chain-link, split rail, but the most traditional options for a home have to be wood fencing.

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The wood fence

A wood fence offers safety and security to a home. It shields the backyard from unwanted animals and provides privacy for families. While it provides privacy from the outside it also keeps pets and children safely in the yard. This article details how wood fences are efficient and provide safety to children. Letting children play outside is a great way to let them get exercise and get them out of the house. A wood fence helps keep children and pets in one place so they can easily be watched. 

Adding a wood fence to a home can help increase property value. A well built stylish fence can help ameliorate the exterior of the house and if the backyard isn’t the best it can help hide it. If a house with a fence goes on the market it will strongly appeal to families with pets or small children. An article by Straight Line Fences also says that wood fences can bring return on investment of 50% or higher when the home is sold. There are numerous wood fence designs and colors to choose from to bring out the best of the house. 

A green option

More people today are looking for green options. Choosing a wood fence is a great green choice because it is biodegradable. Biodegradable means the wood could eventually become compost after the wood begins to deteriorate. All fences fall apart with time wood fences can be put to another use after there time being a fence is up.  This story adds additional information about how wood can be recycled to make wood fences and how they can be used after. Installing a wood fence can not only keep children safe, compliment a house, but it’s a great opportunity to go green. 

At Perry Fencing our goal is to provide you with an efficient fence that will enhance your home while keeping your children and pets safe. We offer dogeared, picket, or privacy fencing perfect to fit anyone’s needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss which kind of fencing you are interested in. 


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