Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl is designed to look “like-new” for years to come. For years, wood fencing had been the preferred residential fencing system. However with the recent innovations in the vinyl industry the long term cost of vinyl fencing dropped below wood. Initially the cost of a vinyl or PVC fencing system is greater than that of wood fencing, but you’ll save money over the long term.

The main reasons to choose vinyl are:

  •  Virtually no maintenance or replacement cost
  •  Increases property value


Our vinyl fencing is manufactured with 100% virgin vinyl PVC. All of our products are of the highest contractor grade available. Sections and posts are routed and notched requiring no screws or brackets for assembly. Sections are manufactured and packaged unassembled for ease of installation and to prevent damage during shipment.

White vinyl fencing

The base ingredient is rigid PVC (polyvinyl chloride) homopolymer compound, with a high level of titanium Dioxide pigment for long term, ultraviolet (UV) light resistance and impact modifiers for superior strength. The formula is similar to that of vinyl siding and windows which have a twenty year history of providing long term durability and structural integrity.

Our components are engineered to last a lifetime. All of our extruded components carry a fully transferable, non-prorated lifetime warranty. For warranty details, see the warranty section of this site.

Vinyl or PVC Fencing is an excellent alternative to wood, virtually maintenance free and will save you money in the long run. There are many vinyl colors and styles to choose from and we can help you compliment your existing landscape.

Our Vinyl components use a high content of impact inhibitors which prevent breaking of properly installed fencing. Of course, a direct impact such as being hit by a car can cause damage, but are easily replaced.

While plastic materials do become less flexible when it’s cold, our fence is designed to accommodate normal temperature swings. The impact inhibitors we use to prevent breaking also help our components withstand cold weather conditions. In hot weather the fence will contract and expand. This is normal and expected.

A mild detergent and water are all you should need to keep your fence looking new. For tough stains, use a non-abrasive cleaner. We recommend you wash your fence once a year.