How Fences Benefit Your Property

Red fence with small trees

If you look at most houses in today’s world, a vast majority have some type of fencing. It is something that a lot of people prefer to have because of all the benefits it brings. Putting cost aside, the main reason for getting one put up is privacy. Nobody appreciates nosy neighbors, and a tall, robust fence between you and them will make your time spent outside that much more enjoyable. Now while not everyone has neighbors like that, there are other plus sides to getting a fence. If you have a pet, or even livestock, fencing is the best way of keeping them from running off and ensuring that animals that aren’t supposed to get into your yard, can’t. Fencing could also serve as a sound barrier. If you live close to a busy highway or near a zone of frequent construction, a large concrete or vinyl fence can help to cut back on all that noise so you can finally get that 8 hours of sleep at night. Fences can also protect you and your home from dangerous weather. Strong storms that throw tree limbs and outdoor items around could pose a potential risk to your house if left unprotected. You will be able to rest easy knowing that a neighbor’s lawn chair or a stray tree branch won’t go through your back window during a big storm.

What Type of Fencing Should I Get?

Split-Rail Fencing

Have you ever been driving down the road past a farm, a house near the woods? That fence lining the property that looks like Lincoln logs, that’s a split-rail fence. Horizontal wood or vinyl rails are joined by  posts to form a split rail fence. They’re frequently built close to the earth to contain cattle or to demarcate big areas. The split rail fence is a common pick for several landowners who wish to wall off their land at a minimal cost since it is adaptable and very adjustable. It also has basic architecture and requires minimal materials. With optional wire meshing that can be added to the fence to keep your pets in the yard, or keep unwanted critters out of it.

PVC Fencing

This is another very popular pick because of the ease of obtaining it and the relatively low cost. PVC fencing is UV resistant, so it will keep that same nice color that you’ve picked to match the house. And unlike wood or metal fencing, these won’t rust, warp, or rot over time which makes these the perfect pick for someone who doesn’t want maintenance down the line. PVC fencing also has a very good strength-to-weight ratio. What does that mean? It means that for how light the material is, it provides great protection from whatever may hit against it, such as rocks or tree limbs. This type of fence can last from 20-30 years!

Aluminum Fencing

This type of fencing is another very popular choice among homeowners. It is a very versatile option for any kind of yard. With a range of finishes, colors, and designs, it will fit the style of your home as well. Unlike iron or wood fences, aluminum won’t rust in the rain or rot over time thanks to the weather-resistant coating on it. This is another affordable choice for fencing, and with low maintenance it is a one time investment. Whether you are looking for fencing around your house, industrial site, or for commercial use, aluminum should be among your top choices for how strong and affordable it is. 

Picked One Yet?

Fencing choices all come down to three aspects. Those three being cost, material, and location. You want to be sure that you know where the fence is being built, your budget for it, and what you want it to be made out of. With a wide range of materials and styles to choose from, it can be daunting. Be sure to take your time to decide on which fence is right for you!


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