What Is The Best Time To Get A Fence?

Constructing a fence around your property is an excellent method to boost the curb appearance of your house while also increasing its level of security. If you know what the optimum time of year is to put up a fence, you may save money on the installation fees and improve the level of security provided by the fence.

The Best Time of Year

There are a few things to consider when determining the optimal time of year to put up your fence. One of the significant things to think about is the kind of material that you want to employ. You should try to avoid getting a wood fence installed during the summer if you are planning on building one.

Even while it may seem to be in good shape under all that light, now is the worst time for wood. Wood, particularly freshly cut wood, cannot withstand the damaging effects of direct sunshine. It has the potential to dry out the fence, which will hasten the rate at which it ages and changes color.

A homeowner may obtain a better deal on the installation of their fence at certain times of the year, just as they can do so with any other product. Building a fence is best done during the shoulder seasons, which are often just before winter or just before the rainy season in your region.

Building a fence in the off-season will save you money in the long run, and since businesses will have fewer projects on their plates, they will likely be more flexible with their schedule.

Even if the cost of building a fence might be reduced at certain times of the year, it is essential to take your time in selecting the materials, the design, and the installation firm.


Before beginning construction on a fence, one must first get the necessary permits to guarantee compliance with local regulations regarding the structure’s height, width, scale, design, and even the material used. It is essential that both your family and the public can feel secure behind your fence.

If you want to erect a fence along a property line that you share with your neighbor, they will also need to provide their permission.

In addition to the permits required by the city, residents in areas with homeowners’ associations will also be subject to additional regulations. In general, these guidelines concern the types of fences, their colors, and their designs.

Each municipality and locality will have a local set of regulations. When it comes to submitting the necessary paperwork and erecting a new fence, working with a professional fencing company will save you both time and money.

A professional fencing business will be aware of the most convenient time of year to build a fence as well as the steps to take to get necessary permits with the least amount of fuss.


The average national cost to build a fence varies from $3,000 at the lower end, to $7,000 at the top end, with most consumers spending in the region of $4,500 to install 200 linear feet of cedar wood picket fencing that is 4 feet tall along with a gate.

These prices were determined using the national average for the country. The construction of a galvanized chain link fence that is three feet tall with a linear length of two hundred feet is expected to have a low cost of two thousand dollars for this project.

The cost of installing a decorative fence made of wrought iron that is black in color is 6 feet tall and comes with a gate is going to set you back a whopping $9,000 dollars.

Final Thought

Even the most pleasant of neighbors might become to be a burden at some point. Putting up a fence all the way around the property is both one of the most effective and the most convenient solutions to create a peaceful atmosphere for your family.

Enjoying a hot tub without having to worry about a neighbor wandering up for an evening talk should be possible behind a typical fence measuring 6 feet high.

Consider planting trees close to the boundary fence to reduce the amount of outside noise and provide privacy.


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