Keeping a Fence Looking Great

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When it comes to fencing, weather and other elements can cause some wear and tear. 

However, by taking some preventative maintenance, fencing can look great for years to come. 

There are a few simple tips for keeping a fence in good condition. Homeowners can use this advice to ensure that their fences stay looking sharp and standing strong.

Clean Regularly

Many people neglect to clean their fence but just like any object, it needs regular attention. Washing on a regular basis will clear any leaves, dirt, and even mold away from the fence. 

Consider a power wash once a year, probably in the spring for the best results. Getting the debris off is also important. Owners should inspect their fences to note any problem spots.

Having a good clean will keep the rest of fence maintenance easy and ensure that it looks new.

Prioritize Repairs

All fences are going to need repairs at some time. Don’t let them get out of hand or else they can become worse and do more damage than what was originally caused. 

Simple repairs such as tightening loose screws or joins can help to prevent bigger problems. Any broken rails or posts will also ensure that the fence looks good and maintains its structural integrity. Doing repairs should be a part of a regular maintenance schedule.

Most people can probably do these repairs on their own. However, consider hiring a contractor for any repairs that seem complicated or difficult.

Stain, Seal, and Paint

Depending on the type of fence, this step may not be needed. Metal fences typically do not need to be painted and composite or plastic fences may also not require this step.

However, since wooden fences are a fairly common option, this type of fence requires a little more maintenance. After the fence has been thoroughly cleaned, it’s important to keep the wood looking great and prevent any breakdown. If painted, add a new layer of paint or stain to the fine grain.

This will strengthen the wood and preserve it through winter months as well as keep any pests at bay. A newly painted fence also looks new so it’s a great way to give it an upgrade.

Invest in Quality Materials

The quality of the fencing materials is going to play a large role in how it ages. For example, using poor materials for a wood fence will mean that it’s going to deteriorate quickly.

While it may look good for a year or two, the cold and wet weather is going to break down the wood despite even the best efforts. If using wood, make sure to use pressure-treated wood as this is designed to last for many years.

If using alternate materials, make sure to ask about the durability and appearance of those materials over time. The best quality materials typically come with a higher price tag but they’re almost always worth the additional cost.

Work on Aesthetics

Keeping up to date with the fence will keep it in good shape but it’s also important to pay attention to the landscaping in the area. The right trees, flowers, and shrubs can highlight the best parts of a fence and mask any problem areas.

For example, a lawn that’s neat and tidy will reflect well on the overall aesthetic of the entire property, especially when the fence looks good as well. For homeowners who want to keep their fence in good shape, it’s also worth paying attention to the areas surrounding the fence.

Dead grass or other clutter can make even the best maintained fencing look old and dingy. Design plays a large part in how a fence looks and should be a part of the overall aesthetic consideration.

In Conclusion

Finally, homeowners should take note of their fencing over time and monitor any concerns or problems. A contractor or landscaper may offer some assistance for those who don’t do their own handy work

A little attention to the fencing though will keep it in good shape over time and prevent it from looking old before its time.

While most fences will eventually show some wear and tear, these steps will help to avoid most of the common problems facing fences today.


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