The Benefits Of Having An Electric Fence

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It’s important for any dog owner, to keep their pets as safe as possible. Most pet owners take every precaution necessary to ensure that their dog stays on the property, rather than running off every chance it gets. As a result, many people choose to install electric fences to protect their best friends.


There are many different options on the market today when it comes to traditional fences. In fact, many homeowners and neighborhoods have different rules and regulations regarding the construction of fences. While some neighborhoods allow wooden fences, others strictly limit the construction to chain-link fences, and some strictly prohibited fences altogether. Compared to the cost of installing a traditional fence, the costs associated with an electric fence is generally lower. As a result, electric dog fences are the more cost-effective approach to securing a dog.


In use, a traditional fence works great when it comes to flat yards, but they are not so good for yards that have steep slopes or hilly spots scattered along the property line. As a result, it is harder to adapt a traditional fence to uneven terrain. An electric fence however can be installed regardless of the terrain, without adversely affecting its ability to function as expected.


Although having a privacy fence can be helpful in certain situations, they also tend to block scenic views or green spaces. To enter or exit a yard, a traditional fence requires a gate that must be opened and closed. However, there are no gates needed when installing an electric dog fence. Although boundary flags will need to be installed temporarily to warn your dog where the boundaries are, these can eventually be removed.


Then of course there is the convenience factor. A traditional fence requires a lot of work to install. Regardless of whether it is a wood or chain-link fence, there will be a need to dig post holes and attach each section together accordingly. The installation of an electric dog fence, however, merely requires the digging of the trench along the boundary line and laying the wire inside. There is no need for a deep trench because the electric fence cannot be blown over in high winds.


With a traditional fence, a dog can climb over or even dig under most designs. A dog who has decided to escape from the yard can, and often does find a way out. However, a dog simply cannot climb over or dig under an electric fence because it cannot see it. The dog knows the fence is there but has no way of going over or under it to escape.

Decreased Human Error

Let’s not forget the importance of human error. The number one cause of a runaway dog is when somebody forgets to close the gate or front door. It only takes a split moment for a dog to make an escape. With an electric dog fence, there are no gates to close, therefore they decrease the opportunity for human error.


Moreover, intruders tend to avoid a fenced-in backyard if they know there is a dog there. The reason for this is that the intruder knows where the dog can access a backyard because the intruder can see the barrier. Just like a dog, an intruder cannot see an electric dog fence, and therefore does not know how far a dog can chase them.


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